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A blog for folks who are just crazy about glass: Stained glass, Fused glass, glass engraving, recycled glass, etc.

This site is all about the joy of working with glass in all forms, except maybe glass blowing…but I’m open.

My name is JoAnne Kendrick and after a long hiatus from stained glass, I came back. I bought a kiln and started fusing glass. I had a Dremel and started engraving glass. I collected bottles and started cutting them. But, I am not an artist. This blog is to share what I have tried, what has failed, what has succeeded and how I am trying to start a business with it all. I’d sure love to interact with others trying to do the same. Let’s exchange ideas and experiences.

Latest Posts

  • Measuring for close quarters
    Lots of artists have been taking the decorative lantern and adding their own flair. Either stained glass or fused glass, those lanterns can become spectacular. So, how do you measure the fit? Math has never been my thing, so I…
  • Advertising
    For several months I have been paying for advertising on Facebook and Etsy. To date, I am not getting much return on my investment. Is advertising worth the cost? Are there other methods of getting the word out? I would…
  • Christmas planning
    Do you make your gifts? Do you sell your work at Christmas? How on earth do you manage it all? If you have any tips, I’d sure like to hear them. I’m looking for tips on how to do better…

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