… and Fineries

Jewelry made of glass

I didn’t plan to make jewelry. Never thought of it. You see, personally, I love rings but don’t really wear much jewelry. Once it goes on, it never really comes off. Been wearing the same necklace and earrings for years. Only the earrings come out to be cleaned every so often. So the thought of jewelry never occurred to me. Then I saw a few pieces made from glass and they were so unique.

Last week, I had to fill the kiln. (I’m cheap and won’t run the kiln unless it is full.) I was tack fusing some panels for a lantern I am making and still had some room left. Then I thought why not experiment with some small pieces of glass and see what comes out. I love what came out.

I made 2 necklaces, 1 hair barrette and 5 pins. I think I’ll be adding a new line to my products. Keep watching…..


This may seem to be out of place, but my husband takes all of the photos .. or at least most of them .. of my work. I’d like to present some of his work here.

He has made some note cards and given them to family. They love them so much I thought we could share them and offer them for sale. The quality of the paper is extremely high and the photos are pretty cool. He has boxed them into a box of 10 individual photos. He is offering 3 different boxed sets. Floral, scenic and art photos. See below…

Nicely packaged


This boxed set contains note cards suitable for Thanksgiving and Christmas. As with the other boxed sets, these cards are printed on very high quality paper and include a matching envelope. They are blank inside and ready for your personal message.

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